3rd Symposium of the German SIAM Student Chapters

28.08.2014 -  

After the two successful Symposia of the German SIAM Student Chapters in Trier (2012) and Heidelberg (2013), the annual series continued 2014 in Magdeburg. We expected guests from the German SIAM Chapters in Heidelberg and Trier.

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For the first time, members of the SIAM Chapter in Prague participated to extend the international connections.

Where: MPI Magdeburg, Sandtorstr. 1, seminar room Prigogine V0.05.2+3
When: August 28-29, 2014

Joint workshop with:

  • Heidelberg Chapter of SIAM
  • Trier Chapter of SIAM
  • Charles University in Prague Chapter of SIAM

About the workshop

At this two-day symposium, doctoral and master students of the four participating SIAM Student Chapters gave talks about their research topics at an introductory level. These covered a wide spectrum in applied mathematics, such as optimization, mathematical and numerical modeling, parameter estimation, and application examples. The first half of the scientific program ended with a pleasant walk along the Elbe River towards a bar for dinner. Later, an exciting discovery tour awaited us, we accompanied a nightwatchman on one of his nightly tour through the medieval Magdeburg. The program ended on Friday lunchtime with a final discussion about future activities and collaborations.




August 28, 2014
Heiko Weichelt - Opening
Christine Edman
  Solution methods for expensive optimization problems and practical aspects
Jan Kuřátko
  Combined global and local search for the falsification of hybrid dynamical systems
15:15 Coffee Break
Marek Netušil
  Mathematical modeling of arteries
Christina Schenk
  Numerical modeling of wine fermentation
Martin Heß
  SIAM Student Chapter Magdeburg
Jan Papež
  Three years of Charles University in Prague Chapter of SIAM
17:15 Information and remarks
Dinner, Sightseeing & Fun2
August 29, 2014
Kathrin Hatz
  Optimization as a modeling tool
Petr Lukáš
  A posteriori optimization of parameters in SDFEM method for higher degree FEM spaces
Felix Lenders
  Sequential Linear Equality Constrained Programming Methods and Applications in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
10:30 Coffee Break
Robert Kircheis
  Microbial enhanced oil recovery and efficient parameter estimation
Mirjam Bäse
  Tribological optimization of oil lubricated clutches
Patrick Groetzner
  PCA - the classical and the robust approach
12:30 Closing Remarks
13:00 Lunch

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