Online Game Evening

22.04.2021 -  

We are pleased to invite you for the second edition of our online gaming event. The event will take place via zoom on Thursday 22nd of April at 19:00.

To receive the details required to join the event, please send us an email at

All the games that we decided to include are browser games that don't require any registration

Cards Against Humanity: When it’s a turn of a given player, he or she presents a statement to other players. Each of the remaining players receives 10 response cards. Then they have to pick one of their cards which, to them, describes the statement the most funnily. Then the leading player has to choose the best option.

Scribbl: When it’s a turn of a given player, he or she has to choose a word from three options and visualize that word in 80 seconds. Other players have to guess the word by typing it into the common chat.

 During one minute, each player has to give examples of words within the biggest number of given categories of words starting with a specific letter. The round is won by a player who fills in the most fields

Stay safe, stay cozy and see you there :)

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